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The Link Foundry for December 4, 2012

Here we are in December, for Pete’s sake.  It occurred to me yesterday that 2012 will actually end four weeks from yesterday.  Whew!  I might just make it.  In the mean time, a short break to look at some cool stuff.

I’ll bet you’re not done shopping yet.  I know I’m not.  So, for those last few gifts, try this assortment of steampunk-y stuff from The Steampunk Tribune.

Grr.  I love Christmas music, but the latest chart-topping ingenue remaking a perfectly good classic is not my cup of anything.  So, I went looking for a few unusual Christmas carols and found these from the Pilsner Panther via dieselpunks.org.

A few good dieselpunk pictures never hurt, and you’ll find a lot of them at this Tumblr site.

Real-life Rosie the riveter pics here and…they’re in color!  From CBS News via dieselpunks.org.

For those of you who believe that the world will end later this month, we have the Four Steampunks of the Apocalypse.  From The Steampunk Tribune.

And a bonus for all of you who have that great steampunk idea that you’re dying to see on paper…a resource link page!  From CommuniCATE.

Thanks for reading!  Back next week.


The Link Foundry for July 31, 2012

Another month passed like a locomotive with a red-hot boiler.  Great Caesar’s Ghost!  What’s a mere mortal to do?  How about pass on a few links?  Okay!


This particularly stunning piece features working gears and a Swarovski crystal, no less.  A bit showy for me, but I’m sure you know someone….

And you could examine your new ring under this very cool lamp, most of which looks like it was purchased from your local hardware store.  Hmmm…get thee behind me, new project!

Can’t fault the design in this Tumblr, and the song is aces.  Boba Fett on a dragon, though, I don’t know about that.  I kinda like other peoples’ characters the way they are.

Lots of questions about this new game “Dishonored”.  Is it steampunk or isn’t it?  You make the call.  It’s got some of the more familiar and/or cliched aspects of steampunk (goggles, steam engines), but you’ll find a lot more in there than that.  I like the idea, and it seems to be ahead of its time, since there’s no real agreed-upon definition of steampunk yet.  My answer to the above question?  It is steampunk and very much appreciated.


Our lone dieselpunk entry this week is this gallery from The Dieselpunks Encyclopedia.  It’s something I hadn’t thought of, but it works.

Now, before any of you start stacking wood around posts for a marshmallow/blogger roast because I’ve sullied your favorite genre, have a quick listen.  My view of most genres is that the keystone of the genre, the aspect on which the genre critically depends, is societal.  That provides the basic foundation for interaction between the different characters and gives frames of reference to latch onto.  You can have just about anything else in it, so long as the societal structure for the actual historical time is basically, reasonably intact.  For steampunk, it’s Victorian society, monarchic, class-critical, very poor at the bottom, very wealthy at the top.  For dieselpunk, it’s between the World Wars in America, gangsters and molls, flappers and zoots trying to dance and drink away the horror of the trenches and forestall the horrors to come.  For clockpunk, er, um, I don’t know that one.  Since man has known how to use springs as an energy source to power gears for decades (centuries? millenia?), you could set your project just about anytime.  I’ve seen it most often in a Victorian setting, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Where do you think the line lies between these genres or is there a line?  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading!