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The Link Foundry for January 10, 2013

A new year, a new set of numbers to remember.  Hope I don’t relapse into what happened at the beginning of last year:  I kept putting “19″ in front of the year.  I got over it, but dating work papers 1912 was a little disconcerting. Here are a few more disconcerting and delightful things.

Artist Remy Hoff has quite a few lovely pieces at his Deviant Art site entitled Industrial Forest.  My favorite?  On page 2 of his gallery, the piece titled Steampunk Ship: Brassheart.

I’m mostly an A-to-B guy as far as cars go.  If it gets me from point A to point B without breaking down or something important or critical falling off, I’m happy.  But this article from Dieselpunks.org’s Lord K about the Delage is amazing.  Hard to pick a favorite.

Lamps are becoming a popular way to add a bit of steampunk whimsey to your room.  Consider this fellow.  One problem though:  only eats metal flies.  From Instructables.

Love this wooden clock found at The Steampunk Empire.  One question:  if you need a glass of wine, do you lose the chime?

Finally, I just can’t help myself.  It seemed that the holiday season went by too quickly this year.  So, yes, here’s a Christmas embroidery design from Urban Threads via Doctor Monocle.  That’s not so bad, is it?

Well, 2013 is upon us, so I should actually go do something worthwhile.  Until the next Link Foundry, that is.

Until then, however, read…write…repeat.




The Link Foundry for November 20, 2012

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”  — Marcus Tullius Cicero

As we here in the United States recall our blessings this week with the company of family and friends and a gigantic meal, I also say thanks to you, my readers.  If you must travel, do so safely.  And please remember for Black Friday:  be kind to everybody.  Works out better that way.  Or, just stop at the sites below.  Saves a lot of hassle.

A nicely executed necklace here on Etsy, featuring an antiqued clock winder.  Simple tools do seem to have their own simple beauty, don’t they?

Fishing season is winding down in my neck of the woods, but this fellow seems like you’d be able to find him year round.  From The Steampunk Empire.

This?  This lamp?  I not only know how to do this, I can even tell you where the parts are in the store where I work.   If I think a little, I could even give a pretty good guess on the prices.

Okay, I admit it:  I’m a boxphile.  If I can put something in it, I want it.  Of course, if the box is this very cool dragon box, I want it even more.

I also have a fascination with swords ( own a couple myself) so when this very interesting item showed up, I was agog.  This I vow:  an item like this WILL show up in one of my works.  Oh, it will.

Thanks and Happy holidays to all!  And don’t forget:  read…write…repeat.

The Link Foundry for July 31, 2012

Another month passed like a locomotive with a red-hot boiler.  Great Caesar’s Ghost!  What’s a mere mortal to do?  How about pass on a few links?  Okay!


This particularly stunning piece features working gears and a Swarovski crystal, no less.  A bit showy for me, but I’m sure you know someone….

And you could examine your new ring under this very cool lamp, most of which looks like it was purchased from your local hardware store.  Hmmm…get thee behind me, new project!

Can’t fault the design in this Tumblr, and the song is aces.  Boba Fett on a dragon, though, I don’t know about that.  I kinda like other peoples’ characters the way they are.

Lots of questions about this new game “Dishonored”.  Is it steampunk or isn’t it?  You make the call.  It’s got some of the more familiar and/or cliched aspects of steampunk (goggles, steam engines), but you’ll find a lot more in there than that.  I like the idea, and it seems to be ahead of its time, since there’s no real agreed-upon definition of steampunk yet.  My answer to the above question?  It is steampunk and very much appreciated.


Our lone dieselpunk entry this week is this gallery from The Dieselpunks Encyclopedia.  It’s something I hadn’t thought of, but it works.

Now, before any of you start stacking wood around posts for a marshmallow/blogger roast because I’ve sullied your favorite genre, have a quick listen.  My view of most genres is that the keystone of the genre, the aspect on which the genre critically depends, is societal.  That provides the basic foundation for interaction between the different characters and gives frames of reference to latch onto.  You can have just about anything else in it, so long as the societal structure for the actual historical time is basically, reasonably intact.  For steampunk, it’s Victorian society, monarchic, class-critical, very poor at the bottom, very wealthy at the top.  For dieselpunk, it’s between the World Wars in America, gangsters and molls, flappers and zoots trying to dance and drink away the horror of the trenches and forestall the horrors to come.  For clockpunk, er, um, I don’t know that one.  Since man has known how to use springs as an energy source to power gears for decades (centuries? millenia?), you could set your project just about anytime.  I’ve seen it most often in a Victorian setting, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Where do you think the line lies between these genres or is there a line?  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading!