The Link Foundry for September 18, 2012

We approach the cusp of autumn here in the Midwest.  Not that arbitrary Labor Day limit or the even more arbitrary time change or even the astronomical beginning of the season.  No, here in small towns, we notice that we can no longer tell time in the morning without artificial light, and that the neighbor’s foliage has caught fire but will be consumed by nothing more but time.  The great business of nature slows to a quietly desperate, hopeful crawl.  Ah, well.  At least it’s Tuesday and another Link Foundry appears.

Suitably, this first item is all about time, which seems to figure largely in steampunk art and DIY (it’s the gears, I know). A lovely example of a stylish clock here, except for one deal-breaking fact:  it requires batteries to operate.  Sigh.  Still, it is pretty.

From the mind of Waldemar Kazak via comes the very solution to one of the central problems of the film “Jaws”:  “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

As a writer, I find ghost towns fascinating, whether they are swallowed up by the desert, by economic change or by the American Rain Forest, as is found in the Northwest.  From Dark Roasted Blend, enjoy this lovely article that details not only the peaceful and moss-covered present of Bordeaux, Washington, USA, but its bustling and corporate-driven past.

Tired of mowing?  Now that we’ve finally had some rain here in the Midwest United States, so am I.  Here, also from Dark Roasted Blend, is a terrific way to solve that:  an airship house.  No word on whether your address changes according to wind direction.

From Dr. Monocle, what a stirring landscape this is, picturing a busy riverside with both air and water ships.  Delightful.

So long and thanks for reading!


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