The Link Foundry for September 4, 2012.

Did I lose my calendar?  Nope.  I’ve kind of been on an administrative kick lately.  Not much writing output, but I’m working on schedules and some “collateral writing” projects.  Those are things that aren’t writing but need to be done for the writing to be generally successful, you know.  Cover designs, signing up for sites such as GoodReads (which has an author program, by the way), those such things.  And, of course, a few links with pretty pictures.  Those don’t hurt, either.

While this post from Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects is written from a recycling perspective, the example photos for what to do with broken machinery and all the delightful things you can turn it into are just jaw-dropping.  Makes me wanna start breaking stuff around here so that I can turn it into cooler stuff.

Like your crustaceans gear-driven?  This is a fabulous locket from Cosmic Firefly via Etsy.

Like your clocks with turning hands instead of flashing pixels?  I do too, but I much prefer turning numbers instead of hands or pixels.  Check out these great Jaeger clocks from the ’30s and ’40s from

Let’s see…where is it…?  How odd.  Don’t you just hate it when things end up in the wrong place?  I had $25,000 in my pocket to buy a new watch (with turning numbers, you know) and now I can’t find it.  I’ll have to check my other pants, but here’s the watch I want (from Devon via, no less) if I find that much unattached money lying around.

Woo-hoo!  After I had feared it was all over, issue #22 of The Gatehouse Gazette is out.  Download and enjoy.  I plan to.  Thanks for the heads-up, Steampunk Empire!

I’m going to download and read that now.  Thanks for reading!

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