The (Late) Link Foundry for August 14, 2012

Better late than never and this has some good links this time.

Cruise?  CRUISE?  Hah!  Closest I ever get to a cruise is riding a shopping cart through a grocery store lot.  But a fella can dream, and I just had to throw this at all you budding filmmakers out there, toiling away on that steampunk-defining project.  It’s the High Seas Steampunk Film Festival.  Jump on!  The water’s fine!

And, via Dornob, we have this glorious (if a touch cluttered) New York City apartment.  Lots of lovely details, gadgets, doohickies, and thingamabobs.

From Jewelry Department Shop, how about a pair of cufflinks with working gears?  (Okay, maybe working isn’t the right word because they turn but they don’t do anything but turn.  Still cool if you have a link-less French-cuff shirt lying around.)

From Etsy, this is an absolutely stunning compass/sundial/necklace.  Beautiful piece.

WARNING:  BUGS.  Very intricate work on these bug/clockpunk sculptures from design site Enpundit.  Interesting work, though the cruelty factor makes me cringe a bit.

That’s it for this week.  Admin for most of the rest of it, but back with a bunch of cool links next Tuesday.  This time for sure!  Thanks for reading!

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