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The (Late) Link Foundry for August 14, 2012

Better late than never and this has some good links this time.

Cruise?  CRUISE?  Hah!  Closest I ever get to a cruise is riding a shopping cart through a grocery store lot.  But a fella can dream, and I just had to throw this at all you budding filmmakers out there, toiling away on that steampunk-defining project.  It’s the High Seas Steampunk Film Festival.  Jump on!  The water’s fine!

And, via Dornob, we have this glorious (if a touch cluttered) New York City apartment.  Lots of lovely details, gadgets, doohickies, and thingamabobs.

From Jewelry Department Shop, how about a pair of cufflinks with working gears?  (Okay, maybe working isn’t the right word because they turn but they don’t do anything but turn.  Still cool if you have a link-less French-cuff shirt lying around.)

From Etsy, this is an absolutely stunning compass/sundial/necklace.  Beautiful piece.

WARNING:  BUGS.  Very intricate work on these bug/clockpunk sculptures from design site Enpundit.  Interesting work, though the cruelty factor makes me cringe a bit.

That’s it for this week.  Admin for most of the rest of it, but back with a bunch of cool links next Tuesday.  This time for sure!  Thanks for reading!

25% Off Coupon for “Turning Springs”

Happy, happy, happy, happy guy.

I’ve been working on this followup novel to “Turning Springs” for two and a half years (four to six hours per week, if that) and I’m finally half-way through the blocking.  I’m taking a little time off to do some Admin chores that have been backing up (like a plugged sink) for quite a while.  So, while I’m plunging my business, you get to benefit.  I’ll still do the Link Foundry tomorrow (and next Tuesday, but I should be back after that), but I’ll be a little scarce otherwise.  While I’m away, here’s a 25% off coupon for my book “Turning Springs”.

Just go to my book’s profile at Smashwords dot com, order a copy of my book and enter the code FE88S at the checkout for your 25% off (the code is not case sensitive).  That makes the book just 2.25 USD.  Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

The Link Foundry for August 7, 2012

‘Evening, folks.  Welcome back to the Link Foundry for this week.  I know, it’s later in the day than usual, so I decided to go all artwork and all airships this week. I do so in honor of NASA’s success on Monday, dropping a thousand pounds of vehicle on a planet millions of miles away.  Nothin’ but net, as you’ll see in this great video.  Enough with reality…here’s some stuff that will land nowhere but our imagination and sometimes not even there.

The first image is kind of small and at the bottom of this page, but the airship is a nice design.  I’ve always felt that a “practical” airship should have some sort of aileron-type control to them to control trim and broad course changes, a hybrid of balloon and sail travel.   Makes for some nice action, stuff to do right now, damage to take, a crew to holler at, stuff like that.

The top image is the cool one I was focused on, but the bottom is real and therefore cooler.  In the lower right corner of the top image is an airship aircraft carrier.  I believe the Russians designed one of those, but it was never put into use.

I’m not much of one for Final Fantasy, but this is a very nice airship rendering.  I’m also not much for helicopter blades, but the styling is intriguing.  (Rotors?  Nah, give me big bags of gas any day.  Wait.  I want to go back.)

This one I really like, although the body design of the craft seems more dieselpunk than steampunk.  The image is about half-way down the page, red and white, four smokestacks, can’t miss it.  Lots of other steampunk goodness here, too.

This is interesting work, too, although I prefer my airships to be more blimp-shaped and less torpedo-shaped.

That takes care of Link Foundry for this week.   Thanks for stopping in!