The Link Foundry for July 24th (Two days late)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that the power was out here at stately Hager Manor on Tuesday night and I haven’t got the steam, diesel or wind-up generators going yet.  Power came back later on, but not soon enough to publish (no time on Wednesday either with working both full-time and part-time jobs).  As a mea culpa for another sucky Tuesday night, I’m including ten items this time.


When viewing this set of beautiful images from Stefan as posted on  Do yourself a favor:  view it in slideshow view.  I’ll just wait for you to thank me.  Hmm-mm-mm.  What?  Oh, you’re welcome.

I’ve got a nice Pinterest board here.  Check out the bottom of the board for dieselpunk airships.


How about this article from the San Diego Union Tribune about a steampunk exhibit at the San Diego Automotive Museum?

Lots of cool imagery from Pinterest here.  The general interest seems to be that goth and steampunk, insofar as clothing is concerned, kind of run parallel.  I don’t agree, but that’s just me.

This version of Sherlock Holmes (from the same people who brought us “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus”) seems right up my alley, terrible or no.  I’ll be looking for this one soon. (Besides, the first thing I thought of when I heard of MSvsGO was “I need to buy some really good beer for this one.”)

In this forum entry from, more discussion about what steampunk is versus dieselpunk versus clockpunk.  The author of the post offers the term “speculative fiction”.  Well, nice try, but doesn’t every piece of fiction ever written kinda fall into that category?  Shameless Self-Promotion:  watch for an upcoming post here called “Maybe It’s Not a Cigar” on tagging and the identity of your work.

Okay, I know my geek is showing, but this Los Angeles lighting store?  This is cool. Be sure to go all the way down the page to get the full geek-effect.

Some nice images on this Indulgy site.  A couple of reruns, but go through to the end.

A couple of nice jewelry entries from Etsy, both from the same shop called Victorian Curiosities.  Both the winged compass and the winged clockworks are reasonably priced and beautiful.

And number ten is:  Gonna be in Salt Lake City on the last weekend in July?  Check out the first annual Salt City Steam Fest at the Red Lion Hotel there.  You go…Salt Lakers? Saltlacians? Salt People?  Huh.  Sounds like a forum topic.  The festival site is here.

Thanks for stopping in!

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