The Link Foundry — July 17, 2012

Welcome back to The Link Foundry.  I’ve been inundated with dieselpunk entries this time.  And how very cool that is.  Indiana Jones, anyone?  How about the new Captain America?  Even some of the older stuff such as The Spirit and The Shadow applies.  Oh, don’t worry, there are a couple of steampunk entries, too.  Jump in!

Unsure what constitutes dieselpunk?  Try this forum entry from

So now that you know what it’s about, find out a whole boatload more about it at The Dieselpunk Encyclopedia.

How about some wildly cool artwork?  Stop off at Diesel City.

How about a new steampunk movie, from the point of view of the filmmaker?  Try this post from the Big Puddle Films blog.

A Pinterest board with some very inspiring stuff on it, and…

A steampunk article from the Chattanooga, TN Times Free Press.  Very thorough.

Thanks for stopping in!

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