The Link Foundry — A New Feature

I’ve decided to add a new link feature to this blog, since I’ve seen precious little out there about it.  It’s links to anything steampunk, from art to jewelry to writings, provided once a week on Tuesdays for your entertainment.  (Otherwise, Tuesdays just suck, so this should give us a little something to look forward to.)   Later on, I’ll add dieselpunk and clockpunk to the mix as references to them seem even rarer than steampunk.  Hope you enjoy it!

Steampunk?  Clockpunk?  Are they interchangeable?  Sort of, as discussed here in this forum from SciFi/Stackexchange.

Oooh, lots of great images on this Pinterest board.  You don’t need to be a member to look, by the way…I didn’t know that.

While I don’t need to know how to lace a corset myself, take a look at this impressive blog titled The Steampunk Empire for lots of other steamy goodness.

Need stuff?  Of course you do.  Find it here at

And finally, how about this for a little steampunk artiness (with some dieselpunk thrown in) from Dark Roasted Blend.  Yum.

And I wanted to plug Steampunk Magazine.  It isn’t strictly steampunk, but it is strictly good stuff.  Being free to download makes it required.

By the by, I saw quite a few articles re: is steampunk a genre or is it something else…I chose not to include them on the grounds of if you have to ask, maybe you need to clean your goggle lenses.  If you’d like me to include them, I will.

Thanks for stopping in.  If you find anything good, send links.  I’d love to hear from you.

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